Do you use "coolant"?

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Crawler crane also needs to use coolant, and if the coolant is used improperly, it may lead to the damage of some important components, causing heavy losses.

Today we will talk about the use of coolant precautions.

1. Freezing point is one of the most important performance parameters of a coolant. At present, the freezing point of coolant on the market is mostly -25℃ to -45℃. The freezing point of the coolant should be about 10℃ lower than the lower temperature in the area where the crawler crane is located, so as to achieve a better anti-freezing effect.

2, boiling point is another important coolant performance parameter, it can effectively avoid the engine "boiling". Since the boiling point of the liquid decreases with altitude, if the crawler crane is located at a higher altitude, the coolant with a higher boiling point should be selected.

3, different brands, different models of antifreeze even if the main ingredients are the same, the additive formula will be different, should not be mixed, so as to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation or bubbles, coolant performance will be greatly reduced, and then damage the machine. If a different coolant is to be replaced, do it all at once and clean the cooling system while you do it.

4, to replace regularly. Coolant in use for a long time, its performance will decline, which is easy to lead to poor heat dissipation effect, serious will lead to the tank "boiling", and the tank boiling damage to the engine I believe that each crawler crane driver is very clear.

Water tank boiling is very dangerous, severe will lead to water pipe burst, coolant splash, thus damaging the engine, general antifreeze replacement cycle for 1-2 years.


5. Some crane operators think that since the coolant is anti-freezing, it can only be used when the day is cold. In fact, this is not right. As mentioned earlier, the role of coolant is not only anti-freezing, but also to improve the boiling point, corrosion and other functions. Coolant should not only be used in winter, it should be used all year round to protect the crawler crane more likely.

6. Due to the toxicity of glycol, the main component in the coolant, direct contact with the skin should be avoided when adding antifreeze. Glycol is not volatile and its evaporation coefficient is much smaller than that of water, so there is generally no need to worry about the toxicity of cooling liquid evaporation.

7, many people think that the coolant can be used on the line, just buy some cheap inferior products to add to the machine. Some inferior products often cut corners in order to reduce costs, not only the performance will be greatly reduced, but also damage the machine. So, be sure to choose regular, reliable brands and products.



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