Liaoning Sante Petrochemical Co., LTD., located in Yingkou, the coast of Bohai Sea with convenient transportation and excellent environment, is a backbone enterprise specializing in the production of engine lubricating oil, motor vehicle brake fluid, engine cooling fluid, urea aqueous solution, internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, grease, industrial and mineral oil and special oil products in China.












Raw material advantage

The additive supplier of santer company is the United States run united company, whose unique composite technology -- molybdenum series grinding reducing agent, salicylic acid detergent, SV series viscosity index improver and friction improvement for ATF is in the world leading level of science and technology...


Technical advantages:nanotechnology

Due to the rapid development of automobile industry and precision machinery, as well as environmental protection and energy saving aspects of higher requirements for lubrication, sant company launched the world's leading product --- nano lubricating oil, adding nano copper additives in lubrication, making the original ordinary sliding friction into rolling friction...


Product suitability and diversification advantages

SAN-TE as one of the earliest domestic enterprises small packaging production car oil, its products cover automobile internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, motorcycle oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, grease, and automotive lubricants at all levels, and considering the different regions, different environment, the special needs of different clients, tailored different products, the user's praise.


Packaging advantages

In order to prevent products from being counterfeited and imitated, sante company spared no expense to introduce advanced in-mold labeling and heat transfer production line, so that the labeling is smooth and beautiful, and counterfeiters cannot fake. At the same time with professional design companies continue to carry out new packaging design and development, and apply for patents.


Logistics advantage

Bayuquan new port, built in 1984, is an all-day deep water port, free from deposition and freezing. It has established shipping business with more than 140 ports in more than 40 countries and regions, becoming the second largest port in northeast China and the tenth largest port in China. Northeast railway, electrified high-speed railway, highway, highway traffic network throughout yingkou, but also for the company's logistics transport to provide a full guarantee.


Relative resource advantage

36% of China's lubricating oil is produced in northeast China, such as daqing oil field and panjin oil field. Shuanglong company and SK company account for a large proportion of the high-quality three kinds of base oil imported from China.


Channel advantage

Sante company has 34 years of production history and sound marketing network, with 21 direct provincial offices in the country, each office is equipped with waiting service vehicles, authorized dealers throughout the country all over the region and county, truly realize zero distance service.


Brand advantage

Sante company is the only enterprise in the lubricant industry in liaoning province that has simultaneously obtained the famous trademark and the famous brand products in liaoning province. Sante won the Chinese well-known trademark, sante brand non-freezing liquid is also in 2004 the national region sampling inspection one of the eight qualified brands, the northeast region only one. For a long time, sante company with high quality products, cost and better service for customers, has been doing the unremitting efforts.


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